The Second Day of Christmas Campers

In the third grade, I learned to fold Origami cranes.  The way life unfolds, there aren’t so many things we learn in grade school that we keep with us as useful tools throughout our lives.  Folding cranes has proven a worthy tool to distract children in waiting rooms, to occupy a group waiting for something else to happen and to decorate nurseries and Christmas trees!

It’s said that folding a thousand cranes will grant a wish.  I think I must have three or four wishes banked by now.  Folding cranes is just a fun thing to do.  Here is a diagram if you need instruction or just a refresher.  There are several YouTube videos as well.

I used a bit more of my budget to buy a can of blue spray paint and some sale ribbon to keep my red, blue, white and green color scheme going and painted a dozen cranes blue while leaving the rest in original magazine print. I have begun the tree topper by tying on a bow and circling the top tier with blue birds.

Birds are a big part of our camping experiences from Cranes and Great Blue Herrons on the rivers to the raptors soaring overhead.  I, myself, have a strong connection to Hawks and Turkey Vultures and love to watch them ride the wind.

I have filled the tree with almost 3 dozen origami cranes made from magazine pages.  They help to fill the voids in the little tree and make it look full.

Keep following to see more ornaments come to light and the tree continue to blossom holiday spirit.  If you haven’t already clicked on the “follow” button, I hope you will.  More pictures of the tree coming!
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