The Fifth Day of Christmas Casita Campers

Today’s ornament incorporates the other camper ornament I was given last week.  It started out red but had to change to Casita white!  Then it had to become a big snow globe kind of ornament. I put her in a “brownie bites” acetate package from the grocery store and wrapped her edge in some of […]

Fourth Day of Camper Christmas

Today’s mini flat board canvas ornament captures the full moon– since we are under a Super Moon just now.   We love camping under a full moon because of the ease of extra light at the picnic table and the long subtle shadows that dapple the campground.  My family and friends who work as physicians […]

The Third Day of Christmas Campers

This little glass cloche and the little trees were brought from our old home (in case there weren’t any decorations here at all).  I had a big collection of all kinds of miniature trees that used to decorate the dining room table and Christmas mantle.  I sorted many for give-away when we sold the house […]

Merry, Merry and Bright

2017, Where did you go?? Oh, I remember, we bought a new home half a country away.  I gave away or sold well over half of our possessions.  We moved the rest out to a home all torn up and trying to come back together on weekend trips and stolen weeks.  We sold our beloved […]

Banner Trips™

While waiting on big projects to dry in my studio today,  I am painting up some of our Banner Trips™ on little fabric flags that will soon decorate our Casita. What a joy it is to recreate moments of happiness along our journey. I encourage you to create something special for your Egg, too.  Any […]

Making a Floor Cloth

Ok, this idea came to me in the eleventh hour three days before the local newspaper was coming out to take some pictures of our little Egg. I was looking at how the tan factory vinyl choice was a little dead and thinking about how the rugs we owned would photograph and boom…I thought of […]

Summer Egg Fashions

Looking through my posts, I realize I have not shared our Egg’s summer look with you.  We camp year round so I have the large vibrant heavy quilt for Fall and Winter but needed a lighter, smaller quilt for the rest of the season to help with more frequent washing when rain brings in muddy […]