Merry, Merry and Bright

2017, Where did you go??

Oh, I remember, we bought a new home half a country away.  I gave away or sold well over half of our possessions.  We moved the rest out to a home all torn up and trying to come back together on weekend trips and stolen weeks.  We sold our beloved 20 year home and gardens in Ferguson Mo with such amazing ease and grace that it could only have  beeen through the help of our angels.  (Truly, our buyers showed up without our even trying–just at the moment we thought it was time to let go and before we formerly listed it!)  In the very middle of the back breaking move, our magical Corgi decided to make her next move to heaven.  That was a tough one.

As with all the other gifts of ease, our best friend has allowed us to rent his Mom’s little home with just enough of her old furniture to get us through — added to a few things we’ve held back from the move.  We find ourselves closing out our Saint Louis years in a place much like where we started 25 years ago.  There is a lot of serendipity in that circle.

Having been in Product Development for a major Christmas company for many years, I found myself wondering how I could celebrate Christmas without any personal decorations–while not wanting to put money into a temporary home.

The Twelve days of Christmas–camping style –was born.  I’ve given myself a 10 dollar budget and anything I can find as scrap or treasure in our little rental.

Stayed tuned (and hit the follow button at the bottom of the page).  Starting on December first, I’m going to post my 12 days and creations for a camper Christmas.

Until then, here is our first day of Christmas–a little bit early.  Our home’s benefactress was an Oasis Senior tutor who enjoyed sewing in her last years.  She left us with a very old tree, some lights and a handful of vintage glass ornaments –Oh, and a big pile of construction paper!  Out came the scissors and string.


PS:  We did get in a quick Thanksgiving trip.  Though it will likely be posted well out of sequence, I’ll be sharing the details of the feast and fun, soon.

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6 thoughts on “Merry, Merry and Bright

  1. You have had a busy year!! I understand the quick sale of your home….ours sold in 48 hours for cash!! I get it!!
    I am so sorry about your Corgi!! Our fur babies are part of the family…sending huge hugs!!

    Looking forward to your 12 days of Christmas!!


  2. Ohhhh so wonderful to receive this update from you! I’d been praying, imagining and HOPING that your exciting new journey was going well for you all! The~ heartbreak of parting (for now!) with your beloved pup must’ve been -crushing to say the least. I’m so very, very sorry. Looking so forward to your many adventures as you go! xoxo take good care!!


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