A Little Egg Music

In life, and camping, it’s all about the folks you meet along the way.  During the last art show I participated in, I was displaying next to the woman who makes these wonderful clay flutes.  Over the hours we shared stories of our dogs and lives and travels.  We started talking about this blog and Egg adventures and Doris said she would be willing to depart from her beautiful, beautiful animals and try a Casita flute.

This charming piece is her creation.


Doris is a perfectionist and wasn’t as pleased with the sound this one creates because  of the proximity of the tire blowhole placement to the airconditioner air release.  I think it’s just charming, though.  I suppose one could ask her to make one with the blow hole on a bigger propane tank in front and just painting on a black hitch if better pitch over  physical accuracy was desired.  I think Doris would welcome that challenge.

Doris, in her 80s, creates.  She has no interest in Internet or charge cards so should you want to talk to her about creating one for you or commissioning a beautiful animal flute, you’ll have to call her and send her a check.  Her info is in this picture.  I have no financial interest in the sales other than I love Doris and it’s fun to support the artists I meet.



(Prices on her Ocarinas vary but this was quite time consuming and runs about $75 US.)

If music be the food of love, play on.  ~~Shakespeare

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One thought on “A Little Egg Music

  1. How very sweet this story and so Beautiful her creation!! Great find…both the flute and the new friendship! Thanks again Ann! 🙂


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