Perfecting the Camp Chair

Thanks to Aldi grocery and $12.99, my zen camping chair now has the perfect shade cover.  It’s a lightweight and very compact 6′ beach umbrella!  I use my favorite twisty bendable flex-ties to affix it to the chair (see my post on sticks and lights for a picture of those flex-ties).  Nirvana! For those that […]

Paper Towel Solutions

Along with the space for a trash can dilemma, fits the problem of a paper towel dispenser.  Since cabinet space is much too precious and finding a place for a hanging bracket was a challenge– Not to mention, a bracket requires remembering to secure the roll for transit.  There just isn’t any fun in realizing, […]

The Trouble With Trash

Traveling in a 17′ two-dog, no wet bath camper, trash storage can be a real issue.  There really is no good place to put a trash can so one needs to be inventive.  In my case, I was given a souvenir Mexican woven purse many years ago and it works as the perfect, pretty receptical […]

Sticks and Lights

We usually use most of the sunlight to hike trails and gather new experiences so that necessitated devising a system to hang lights at the picnic table–particularly in boondocking (no electric or other amenities) situations. I needed to be able to set up poles on both our aluminum 27″ x 27″ folding table and a […]

The Almost Perfect Camp Chair

The perfect camping chair is a subjective thing.  It can be different things in different settings, too.  In the days of car camping, our heavy duty folding chairs were just the ticket for the limited space and ease of use.  Now that we have the Casita, we have a little more room to lug a […]

The Perfect Tablecloth

Since park tables can vary from 6″ to 10′ it’s tough to find a pre-made cloth. I designed this style and made one each in our Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter colors.  Using Sunbrella, you can just wipe off stains easily.  Any stubborn stain will almost always come off with a little soap and water.  I haven’t […]

The perfect tray table

Necessity dictates a good table for use by the fire– to hold canapes and drinks– don’t you think?   The Casita’s size calls for efficiency and fold-a-bility.  This little tray fits just the bill.  It’s about 18″x 13.5″ and chair height at around 24″ tall.  The tray is removable from the folding wooden stand and all […]