The perfect tray table


Necessity dictates a good table for use by the fire– to hold canapes and drinks– don’t you think?   The Casita’s size calls for efficiency and fold-a-bility.  This little tray fits just the bill.  It’s about 18″x 13.5″ and chair height at around 24″ tall.  The tray is removable from the folding wooden stand and all stow easily under the bed for travel.

Now, we use this tray for breakfast in bed, a dining table (for one) in front of the front bunk/couch during inclement weather, for taking supplies out to the picnic table at meal time as well as a drink and desert table for the fireside.  People ask what our critical items are and I would say this tray table, and the folding chairs, top the list.

When I originally found the table (on closeout) in a little shop, it was a sad little thing.   I repainted it in colors that would match both our Spring/Summer decor and our Winter/Fall colors because to me personalization is very important in these small spaces.  I chose a solid grey color for the outside flat edge of the tray and an easy gloss black for the stand so they could easily be repainted (or sharpee’d) when the inevitable dings happen.  The tray itself has many, many layers of clear gloss polyurethane so we don’t have to worry about moisture.  I may still need to find some of those flat advertising bar coasters somewhere because my hands aren’t happy unless they are painting.   I’m seeing a clear plastic envelope glued to the bottom of the tray with these pretty little matching coasters in them in my mind’s eye right now.  Ah, no rest for the weary.

Pretty, very functional, easy to store–Casita perfect.

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