The Fifth Day of Christmas Casita Campers

Today’s ornament incorporates the other camper ornament I was given last week.  It started out red but had to change to Casita white! 

Then it had to become a big snow globe kind of ornament. I put her in a “brownie bites” acetate package from the grocery store and wrapped her edge in some of my color themed ribbon –to hide the old label glue.  Sticking to my budget, I shredded Kleenex™ for snow and put in some left over pie tin snips from the next project.  A little painted Construction paper made the trees with snow painted on the inside back wall and front of lid–for depth.

Using the leftover little red ornament ribbon I sewed it through the the top of the acetate and now she hangs in the tree.

I encourage you all to start a project like this with the children in your life.  It’s a fun way to model re-using things and re-imagining what might be considered trash. It also stretches our own imaginations.  That’s how we let the magic in.

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