The Fifth Day of Christmas Casita Campers

Today’s ornament incorporates the other camper ornament I was given last week.  It started out red but had to change to Casita white!  Then it had to become a big snow globe kind of ornament. I put her in a “brownie bites” acetate package from the grocery store and wrapped her edge in some of […]

Fourth Day of Camper Christmas

Today’s mini flat board canvas ornament captures the full moon– since we are under a Super Moon just now.   We love camping under a full moon because of the ease of extra light at the picnic table and the long subtle shadows that dapple the campground.  My family and friends who work as physicians […]

Holiday Losses

I was going to share this when I wrote up our Casita Thanksgiving trip and meal but I’m getting the nudge to just put it out there now–hopefully the person(s) who need to see it, will. This year, so many of my friends are suffering the losses of people and pets and homes (due to […]

The Third Day of Christmas Campers

This little glass cloche and the little trees were brought from our old home (in case there weren’t any decorations here at all).  I had a big collection of all kinds of miniature trees that used to decorate the dining room table and Christmas mantle.  I sorted many for give-away when we sold the house […]

The Second Day of Christmas Campers

In the third grade, I learned to fold Origami cranes.  The way life unfolds, there aren’t so many things we learn in grade school that we keep with us as useful tools throughout our lives.  Folding cranes has proven a worthy tool to distract children in waiting rooms, to occupy a group waiting for something […]

The First Day of Homemade Camper Christmas

The leftover supplies in our little temporary rental are somewhat limited.  The scissors a little large, the construction paper a little faded, string and wire in the needed quantity and the needles a wonderful English set, decades old, and only 30 cents!  The tree is probably as old as the sewing needles and the few […]

Merry, Merry and Bright

2017, Where did you go?? Oh, I remember, we bought a new home half a country away.  I gave away or sold well over half of our possessions.  We moved the rest out to a home all torn up and trying to come back together on weekend trips and stolen weeks.  We sold our beloved […]