Winning the gift ornament

I’m Having trouble with WordPress showing me all of your names.  

So, I’m asking any of you followers who would like to be considered for a drawing to win this canvas ornament to comment on this post.  

Sorry I had to do it this way.  I will pick the winner, from those who comment here,  this Friday December 15th 2017 –hoping the couple extra days will help everybody who wants to be considered, find this post. 

So comment below and you’ll be entered in the drawing.  Good luck!

17 thoughts on “Winning the gift ornament

  1. Merry Christmas. If I won, Iwould give the ornament to my daughter and grandsons, Matt and Ben, who live in Anchorage, Alaska. They have a trailer and go camping every chance they get … but to be honest … they “camp out” in the driveway more often than in the “wild blue yonder”.


    1. I’ve been inspired by your posts and will be trying my hand at a fairy-type design. E6000 is my friend! Let the fun begin!


  2. Hi, I have been enjoying the ornaments. We got a Scamp in June and have been camping a total of 26 days since then! We go with our two goldendoodles, which makes it a bit cozy but they (and we) love it. We are based in Colorado; welcome and you will love it here.

    I have been making ornaments since I was 6, now can do it with my granddaughter.


  3. Thank you so much for your blog. We camp out west every summer and are so envious. Enjoy your time in the middle of God’s Cathedral!
    Thank you for sharing!!!


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