On the 11th Day of Camper Christmas…

An homage to my Hub’s fire loving ways came to mind.  

This is a precursor to tomorrow’s ornament and my favorite one!

Artful camping involves knowing how to light a fire and manage it.  I think it also means knowing when it’s too hot to have a fire but hey, if someone wants to sit around a fire in sultry 90 degree heat–well–so be it. 

To make this one, I cut two flames with half circles at the bottom out of a pie tin.  I then painted the flames and bent the half circle part at a 90 degree angle to the flames and glued them onto a clear lid and then glued little twigs on top of the aluminum.  Later I decided there was enough tin pie plate left to make a third taller frame.  I made the base of it narrow so I could glue it in between the others.

Hope you have been enjoying my foray into a Camper Christmas taking trash to treasure.

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