Protecting the Egg from Theft

Seems like everyday now I see notice of another stolen trailer on Facebook.  Given the high re-sale value of the Egg category and the current super popularity of campers, our Eggs are all more appealing to thieves. What’s to be done??  Well, as one who has had more than her share of home break-ins, car […]

Functional and Pretty

Small space living requires keeping things small and easily organized.  But nowhere is it written that “pretty” can’t be added to the mix. ©  All rights reserved If you like what you are reading, please click on the “follow”  button in the lower right corner.  I love it when you share, too.

More Kitchen Helpers–Drying Rack

Sorting through what works verses what works better (and always editing for storage and weight) we have gone through two different iterations on dish drying aparatus. The first was a roll out rack that fully expanded to cover the sink.  This worked great for dishes washed outside and brought in to air dry overnight and […]

Banner Trips™

While waiting on big projects to dry in my studio today,  I am painting up some of our Banner Trips™ on little fabric flags that will soon decorate our Casita. What a joy it is to recreate moments of happiness along our journey. I encourage you to create something special for your Egg, too.  Any […]

Making a Floor Cloth

Ok, this idea came to me in the eleventh hour three days before the local newspaper was coming out to take some pictures of our little Egg. I was looking at how the tan factory vinyl choice was a little dead and thinking about how the rugs we owned would photograph and boom…I thought of […]

Beware the Alpine Mosquito Hours

For the most part, our 20 years of camping haven’t required an extra screen tent.  As we headed up to Colorado’s 10,000 foot heights, however, we thought back to the incredible hoards of blood sucking mosquitos we found while backpacking on Mt. Margaret in Denali NP. Wanting to keep the mosquitos at bay, while not […]