The Almost Perfect Camp Chair

The perfect camping chair is a subjective thing.  It can be different things in different settings, too.  In the days of car camping, our heavy duty folding chairs were just the ticket for the limited space and ease of use.  Now that we have the Casita, we have a little more room to lug a […]

Siloam Springs and Quincy IL Trip

Like so many of our little getaways, this trip needed to be just a couple hours drive so that the weekend wasn’t lost in travel and so that set-up could be in daylight (in our early camping days we would often set-up after dark  priming the evening for upset, don’t you know.) I was looking […]

Our Little Egg is One Year Old

Just a little over a year ago, we were tent camping down in Florida for Christmas vacation.  It had rained and stormed just before we arrived and this site opened up for us as well as the flooded one, next to us.  We had no neighbors for a week in this highly prized campground. Did […]

Romancing the Egg

I can’t speak for all, but I will say these Eggs do seem to be an aphrodisiac all on their own.  Maybe it’s the close quarters, maybe the 8″ of soft foam mattress, maybe the long days of walks in the woods while holding hands, maybe it’s the team effort to cook a savory meal […]

Crafting Casitas

Traveling small does not mean plain. It might mean flat. So, if you have an old shirt box or lightweight cardboard and some holiday tissue paper, you have a decoration.  In my case, I didn’t have the box so I just used some handy poster board.   Materials: Scissors/Craft Knife Pencil/Eraser Poster Board Clear Contact […]

Yes 17′ is cozy

People often ask how we fit two adults a 50lb Bassador and a 22 pound Corgi in our little 17′ camper.  The answer is:  with a little patience, a good deal of organization and a lot of love.  Though we have a three burner propane stove inside, we do most of our cooking and living […]

Welcome to our little house travels

My Husband (whom I shall lovingly refer to as The Hub from here on out) and I have long been travelers.  In our dating years we lived in separate cities and would often fly to third locations for weekends and holidays.  As time constraints, frugality and pet family needs prevailed, we found ourselves less free […]