Tick Off

Oh my, the mild Winter has allowed a flourishing of itsy bitsy seed ticks this Spring. Traveling with a  Corgi and a Bassador, we are in an unending battle with the tiny terrors.  Even with their monthly flea and tick repellent and some wonderful Cedar Oil spray, we always have our work cut out for […]

Siloam Springs and Quincy IL Trip

Like so many of our little getaways, this trip needed to be just a couple hours drive so that the weekend wasn’t lost in travel and so that set-up could be in daylight (in our early camping days we would often set-up after dark  priming the evening for upset, don’t you know.) I was looking […]

Illinois Amish Country

Because so many of our trips are short weekend getaways, I keep my eyes open for places not more than a couple hours drive.  Sometimes that means finding a festival in small town and looking for a camping spot and sometimes it means finding a funky tourist spot and then looking for a nest for […]

Simple Slip Covers

Our Bassador sleeps on the front bunk bed and because of its irregular shape, no sheet would stay tidy or in place.  This is how I solved the problem: First, chose a stretchy fabric that coordinates with your look. I chose a dark grey knit. Lay your fabric out flat and place the cushion on […]